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Looking for ways to overcome the burden that’s become teaching? Something to inspire, empower, and excite you without the overwhelm of adding one more thing to your plates? Yes?! Let’s bring back those teacher smiles!

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From Overwhelmed to Inspired – Helping Teachers Embrace Resiliency

An inspirational book for teachers looking for the key to help them reconnect with their “why,” The Happy Teacher’s Handbook is the key to transforming classroom teaching.  The Happy Teacher’s Handbook helps you step out of the overwhelm and back into the inspiration you felt when you began your career.

Uncovering strategies not taught in teacher education courses, Jen’s book provides a powerful insight for teachers ready to shift their instructional focus to support a curriculum based on the whole child.   Filled with stories from the classroom, the pages turn quickly and engage the reader from the onset. Jen reminds you that you still have power in the classroom to teach from your heart, to teach with the talents you already possess, and to see the gifts every day brings.

Teachers will be left feeling inspired, more focused and more capable to manage their time and responsibilities. They’re able to prioritize what really matters and get to the heart of teaching.


“I wrote The Happy Teacher’s Handbook because I believe we’re overdue for an overhaul of traditional education.  Students deserve to learn and think at every age. Teachers deserve the training, resources, and time to implement this overhaul.  School should prepare students for a career that fuels the spark in their heart, not a career that just pays the bills. This type of teaching is an art and one that teachers are constantly striving to perfect. This book is designed to lift up those teachers.”

The Happy Teachers Handbook by Jen Molitor

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  • “There are so many positive, up-lifting messages found in the pages of The Happy Teacher’s Handbook. When I read it I felt like I was sitting down with a trusted colleague to chat about teaching strategies that work! The self-care advice in the “Time for Teachers” chapter includes recommendations that will benefit everyone. The Happy Teacher’s Handbook is a must read for all teachers, whether you’re a first year teacher or a twenty year veteran.”

    Stacy W.
    Kindergarten Teacher
  • “Your book is really a GREAT motivator… Fun to read and incredibly easy to relate to! Fellow teachers totally GET THIS!! (And NEED this)  You need to make an audiobook as well!”

    Susan Kay Dahl
    Author, Speaker, Soul of JOY
  • “Jen is a constant reminder as teachers, we have been gifted with the best job in the world, which includes ensuring that students feel thoroughly loved.”

    Amanda D.
    Ohio Teacher
  • “This was the best professional development I’ve ever attended! The fresh
    perspective inspired me to continue growing as a teacher.”

    Megan J.
    Kentucky Teacher
  • “I just wanted to say thank-you for a very thought provoking lesson today. I am really excited about what you bring to our building for ALL of our kids. You are really fantastic at what you do!”

    Jen U.
    Ohio Principal

From the Preface

When you’re finished with this book, you’ll have a new-found desire to share more of your own stories. You’ll also discover new strategies for unlocking the inspiration that’s been wilted over the years due to being overwhelmed, to the constant demands, and the pressure to grow all students.

To do our job well, to knock it out of the park, we need to find a way around the obstacles that will inevitably be in our paths. To be accomplished, with or without the prestige of a Teacher of the Year award, we’ve got to own it.

This handbook is your key. Take a deep breath. Sit up a little taller. Open your heart to new possibilities. Teaching is a gift, your gift to the world. Your transformation begins now.

“Someday I will change the world.”

Your day is today.

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