Work with Jen

Working with school districts to shake up the status quo; teachers and school leaders trust Jen Molitor for her authenticity, unique perspective and inspirational approach

Jen Molitor, Author and Speaker

“This was the best professional development I’ve ever attended! The fresh perspective inspired me to continue growing as a teacher. ~Megan (teacher)


Jen’s coaching workshops help teachers:

  • Use key questions to open students up to learning & eliminate behavior problems
  • Build rapport with students, colleagues, and parents
  • Understand how subtle shifts can make transformational impacts with students, parents, and the community
  • Differentiate instruction in any content area so that learning is accessible for all students, 
  • Create personalized learning opportunities for students, and
  • Increase student achievement and ownership of learning

Offering Presentations, Workshops, & Instructional Coaching 

  • Differentiation Delivered:  Using Choice Boards to Increase Rigor
  • 3 Simple Strategies to Create Big Breakthroughs with Intermediate Students
  • The Real Achievement Gap- Strategies to Unite Parents and Staff
  • 5 Keys to Resilient Teaching
  • Mindset Makeover- Subtle Shifts for Big Impacts
  • The “Magic” Mindset that Skyrockets Student Success
  • 5 Easy Ways To Get Your Students To Love Learning
  • Personalized Learning
  • Bringing Learning Outdoors, without Compromising Rigor

If you\’re ready for a fresh, innovative perspective on better classroom environments, connect with Jen today.